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by Katarina Gryvul

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SOLARIS This album spoke to me directly since the first track. Thank you! Favorite track: Bezodnya.
jay1822 thumbnail
jay1822 Dear Katarina, Thank you for the glorious music. I don't know why the few and the brave are chosen to battle the darkness, but they are. And They Always Win. Glory to Ukraine! Favorite track: Tysha.
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absinthefaery Jagged jeweled glass, crunchy cogs, electricity overflowing taut lines, angelic vocals. Favorite track: Vidsutni.
Jakub Knera
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Jakub Knera Tysha (‘silence’ in English) is based on the methodological duality between the world of classical music and modern electronic sounds. The album is full of deconstruction, verging on heavy club sounds served in a highly stratified, broken formula (‘Ruyina’). Gryvul completes this album with the sound of classical instruments (‘Bezodnya’) and vocals (‘Vidsutni’) – adding a human and lyrical element that enriches this synthetic sound environment.

More: tquiet.us/IEukraine Favorite track: Bezodnya.
braduro thumbnail
braduro Something Listless and Lyrical. Taking instrumentation farther, not for effect, but truly for structure. Favorite track: Vidsutni.
Tysha 03:40
Zvuchy 03:58
Vidsutni 04:03
Bezodnya 04:54
Inshi 03:41
Ruyina 03:00
Porozhn'o 03:30
Rozpad 03:00


Music Video: youtu.be/BwemH9vdusA

TYSHA (Ukrainian for silence) is the second longplayer of Ukrainian-born, Poland-bread and Austria-based multi-instrumentalist and singer Katarina Gryvul. Following her enigmatic song ”In Coma”, which released in 2020 on Standard Deviation, Gryvul delivers an 8-track long album of blooming, emotional and tactile electronica pop ballads, resulting in an intensely personal journey into the artist's inner world at the most silent time of her life.

In an attempt to deal with her decaying perception of reality and the overwhelming sense of isolation caused by the experience of global pandemic, Gryvul finds refuge in silence. She is mesmerized by the all-consuming absence of sound, and the many ways in which silence can be perceived: silky, enveloping, calm, but also caustic, fractured and sharp. TYSHA was written entirely during the pandemic. Gryvul describes that being surrounded by people during that challenging period started feeling like ”a potential threat” and as something unnatural and artificial.” She says: “It made me feel like I was torn between two realities, virtual and real, and did not belong to any of them”.

TYSHA sounds imminently disturbing, yet soft, with ghostly harmonics, tempis and a wide variety of musical and lyrical influences. The album feeds from ”something that has already vanished” - a feeling of longing in a moment of uncertainty, crystallized in balladic writing and subtle elven-like soundscapes.

Gryvul, who usually works with classical instruments, now explores a more electronic sound with beats and apparent beatgrid structure, referencing the environment in which what once felt natural and organic started feeling artificial and synthetic. Varying in tempo, moods and instruments, TYSHAcreates an emotional journey, exploring different forms of silence, representing the tension between the virtual and the real world and reflecting Gryvul’s feelings of hostility and alienation in contrast with her longing for connection.

The album is supported with a remix by London-based artist Flora Yin-Wong, contributing on ”Bezodnya” with an ethereally soft and lyrically poetic rework.

TYSHA releases on February 9th 2022.

TYSHA by Katarina Gryvul

коли світ ненароком
з наших тіл проростають соковиті
стебла тюльпанів
і тиша тріщить під ногами
мов тонка крига
зима в пів оберту
плоскостопі слова
гнучкі лінії вуст
цятки птахів
скутий волею простір
не ворухнутись
нево рух ну..


when the world accidentally
runs out of blood
out of our bodies will grow
tulip stems
you hear the silence cracking under your steps
like thin ice
sudden winter
words with flat feet
flexible lips
birds like black dots
cutting through
the confined space
and you cannot move
can not m…


released February 9, 2022

Katarina Gryvul - Tysha (STDEV009)

01 Tysha (3:40)
02 Zvuchy (3:59)
03 Vidsutni (4:03)
04 Bezodnya (4:54)
05 Inshi (3:42)
06 Ruyina (3:01)
07 Porozhn’o (3:30)
08 Rozpad (3:01)
09 Bezodnya (Flora Yin Wong Remix) (4:09)

Written and produced by Katarina Gryvul
Remix by Flora Yin Wong
Mixed by Katarina, Flora, Maoupa
Mastered by UTC+16, Kyiv
Artwork photography by Sam Clarke
Artwork costume design by Malyuk Sashko
Art Direction and logo design by RAM

Published by Standard Deviation, 2022


all rights reserved



Standard Deviation Kyiv, Ukraine

Standard Deviation is a newly formed, multidisciplinary label platform, working on the intersection of music, art and publishing. We aim to foster creative collaborative exchange between an aspiring Ukrainian scene and a global community.

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